How to get around Tulum in 2023

SmartTransfers Team

SmartTransfers Team

March 1, 2023

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When coming to Tulum, you are setting up to have an unforgettable experience. The Riviera Maya's stunning coastal town has various attractions and activities, from idyllic beaches to top-notch dining.

Navigating the many transportation options, as with every popular tourist destination, can be challenging.

But don't worry; we are here to help you choose among Tulum's transportation options.

Despite its popularity, it is small and easy to explore on foot. But there are many other options if you want to travel further.

You can take a taxi, a bus or rent a car. But beware, all these services can become very busy during the peak travel season.

Therefore, to avoid delays and inconveniences, booking your transportation well in advance is highly recommended.

To make the right choice for your transportation options, you must consider the following points:

  • When and for how long will you stay in Tulum?
  • Where are you staying, Tulum Pueblo? The Hotel Zone?
  • What kind of activities do you want to do??
  • Your budget. How much are you willing to spend on transportation?

These questions will help you choose the best transportation service. However, it is essential to remember that digital platforms like Uber have an ongoing conflict with locals, so they are not recommended for use.

Private transfer from Cancun Airport

Tulum visitors love private transfers, and with good reason; it is best to get to Quintana Roo's most relaxing city.

Solo travelers and couples should consider a private airport transfer to avoid sharing their ride with strangers. This will not only protect your privacy, but also speeds up your journey to your destination.

Smart Transfers is an excellent choice for those looking for dependable private transfers. Smart Transfers offers a range of options, including round-trip and one-way transfers, and a wide variety of vehicles to meet the needs of their clients.

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The ADO bus is an option for those who want to travel from Tulum to Playa del Carmen or even Cancun. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax in comfortable seats with air conditioning.

Also, ADO buses offer a variety of routes and schedules that make it easy to plan your trip and stick to your schedule. A bus is an environmentally-friendly option that can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

It is a great option for those who want to travel cost-effectively and hassle-free.

The ADO bus is safe and convenient for all travelers, including solo adventurers and friends.

The only downside is that these buses can only travel as far as their designated bus stops. So if your destination is further away than the bus station, you must take a taxi, bus, or walk

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Rent a Car

Renting a car is a great way to extend your Tulum stay and discover the Mexican Caribbean at your own pace. There are many car rental agencies available at the airport and around Tulum.

This makes it easy to find the right vehicle for you. Although it is not the most cost-friendly option, Tulum car rental allows you to explore the surrounding areas, including Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Renting a Tulum car is an easy and practical way to explore the region, whether planning a short trip or a long stay.

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Tulum Taxi Service

Taxis are convenient and can be used almost all the time. However, prices will vary depending on distance and when you take it.

Another important detail is that taxis can only carry three passengers, so don't get mad if your group is larger, and they refuse you the service.

Thus, we think a taxi is an excellent choice for those traveling alone or with someone else. However, to avoid surprises, agree on a price before getting into a cab.

You should also keep cash handy because all taxis require cash payment.

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